Closed-Circuit Television

In order to have a completed security system in a specific space, it is necessary to use security cameras, in combination with an alarm system. Throughout our active presence in the field, we cooperate with all major CCTV manufacturers, to be able to offer security systems of excellent specifications that will meet the needs of our partners.
In combination with the advanced technological systems, we are committed to our highly trained technical staff for the most reliable technical installation services and the most efficient safety studies.
In large-scale projects, that many cameras are used to properly monitor the space, the evolution of technology requires the use of cameras with Video Analytics. K2Security already has extensive experience in installing such systems that allow users to have a system that will equip them with artificial intelligence functions in the process of analyzing the recorded video.
Analyzing the recorded videos through Video Analytics technology, improves a system’s ability in order to detect specific events in real time, while allowing the user to easily search for useful information during playback. The use of video analytics has a number of advantages, making the systems more functional while reducing human resource requirements.

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