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Renewable energy sources and consequently photovoltaic stations, are showing rapid growth in recent years worldwide.
K2Security operates on a nationwide basis and has successfully replied to this challenge, by taking over the security systems of more than 300 energy parks, some of which reach tens of MW.
Oriented to the developments and the needs that are presented, we have the necessary equipment along with the specialized know-how, in order to support all new technology based security solutions in the best way.
We undertake the security of the energy parks at all stages of the production process, from the initial construction to the completion of the project, as well as their subsequent operation. Each installation has its own peculiarities and needs, which in any case we propose to cover in the best and most efficient way.
We carry out complete studies for the installation of alarm systems and closed monitoring system of the entire installation with CCTV systems. In addition, we offer to our customers the possibility of connecting the alarm with the 24/7 Signal Reception Center of our company, therefore the real time monitoring of each project during construction and its subsequent operation is achieved.

Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks

The most common problems that prevent the proper functioning of photovoltaic panels are salt, dust, mud, snow, air pollution, bird droppings and pollen. Through our services, every investor can extend the life of his energy park materials, as well as greatly increase the efficiency of panel frames. With protected, clean, well-maintained panels the investor clearly increases his profitability. Our company has specialized staff with excellent knowledge of the subject and the most modern cleaning agents at its disposal.

Case Study RENEL


Security of industrial spaces, from small businesses to entire industrial areas, is a key element in the portfolio of the services we offer at K2Security. After the relevant study of the space by our well-trained technicians, we propose the security system that will optimally meet the needs of each customer.

The reliability that characterizes K2Security, in combination with the latest technology equipment at its disposal, offers a high level of security services.
In the context of tackling the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and its consequences on the country’s health situation,

K2Security offers thermometry services at workplaces, contributing in any possible way in the prevention, health safety and protection of citizens.


Case Study ALUMIL

Medical Cannabis

In the context of the interest for investments in the cultivation, processing and production of finished cannabis medical products, K2Security successfully follows the trends and has already undertaken the security of such crops.
This product is extremely vulnerable, which is why the security of these areas requires high-tech equipment as well as specialized technical studies of the area, components that K2 Security possesses, in order to secure in the best possible and technologically advanced way projects like these.


“Smart Home” Automations

K2 Security provides complete system solutions in the field of security and automation to turn your home or workplace into a “Smart Place”.
The “Smart Home” is a global trend and now you can have effective control of alarm systems, heating, ventilation, production of hot water or lighting, by just pushing a button!
The team of technicians of K2 Security, after conducting a detailed study of your space, proceeds to the installation of advanced technology automation and makes your life “smart”!

Facility Management

K2 Security has a complete set of facility management services that ensure the smooth operation of building facilities and the quality coverage of the specialized needs of companies. We give impetus to the productivity, innovation and development of our partners by planning and coordinating the work that provides solutions to operational issues that arise daily in the daily life of companies.
More specifically, we have extensive experience in cleaning building facilities. Our cleaning crews, which consist of qualified personnel, are trained in the methodology of cleaning and offer guaranteed sanitary and cleaning services, undertaking professional cleaning in any type of installation (industrial facilities, shops, office buildings, building complexes, etc.).
We are always available to discuss possible specific needs of each partner, and try to meet them in the best possible way.

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