Fiber Optics

Evolution of technology has allowed the capture of light to be used in the transmission of digital information and a new revolution is expected in all related areas. In the field of security, we ensure the best use of the advantages of this new technology. The capabilities of CCTV systems are increased exponentially by using the light technology.

The ability of sending signals over long distances, the shielding of the signal against electromagnetic interference, the increased level of security and the possibility of easy scalability and adaptation to the future requirements of the applications, are some of the comparative advantages of fiber optics over conventional cables that were being used until today.

The certified staff of K2 Security, in combination with the appropriate equipment for fiber optic welding, is able to perform surveillance projects of very large areas, with a typical example of the project for Hellenic Dynamics, which has a perimeter of more than 2.500 meters.

The use of fiber optics for the interconnection of CCTV systems is a solution that we already implement and requires special treatment and equipment. Fiber optics are the best choice for large applications or applications that take place in environments loaded with electromagnetic fields. They are also able to provide ample capacity for data transfer, which is not at all negligible in the age of high resolution cameras. All these elements point to their increasing use in CCTV systems, which, after all they seek all these features offered by light technology.

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